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May 7, 2018

Our Purpose

To help our partners not only succeed in today’s marketplace – but to thrive.


It’s derived from a Latin word meaning “strong” and “influential.” But, really, it stands for so much more. It stands for everything we offer and so much more. It stands for our commitment to helping our partners thrive. Unconditionally.

Valeyo stands for purpose.

We are united behind a shared purpose of doing everything we can to help our partners thrive. It’s why we exist and it’s the essence of how we work. It’s this commitment to our partners’ success that guides our collective focus, efforts and investments and underpins our every interaction. With Valeyo on your side, you have a partner you can trust to really understand your needs and deliver the right protection and delivery solutions for your business.

Valeyo stands for forward thinking.

With over 40 years of insurance experience, we know how we protect our partners’ customers in the future is just as important as the coverage they receive today. At every interaction we create positive customer experiences and develop deep customer relationships that drive not only loyalty but growth – giving everyone we work with a real competitive advantage. We’re not only building our brand, we’re building our partners’ brands, too.

Valeyo stands for leadership.

To succeed in the business, you can’t just understand the market. You need to know how it’s changing and the impact it will have on a business. We invest our time in understanding market change and disruption to ensure our partners have the right technology and solutions to improve efficiencies, engagement and experience. Our nimble, partner-centric focus supports growth and revenue opportunities no matter the size or scope of business need. We’re a solutions provider for a changing world.

Put who we are to work for you.

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