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Our Team

Valeyo unites more than 150 people across Canada who share a passion for providing exceptional service. With diverse areas of expertise and extensive industry experience, we all work together to help you achieve your goals.

Nicole Benson

CEO Valeyo and Canadian Premier Life

Instrumental in Valeyo’s continued growth, Nicole has quickly established herself as one of the top leaders of our industry. A strategic visionary with over 15 years of experience, she is a true motivator of people and drives every facet of our business forward, from insurance to financial and technology. Her fundamental values of responsiveness, collaboration and innovation have been – and will always be – foundational to our success as well as the success of our partners.

Marco DeiCont

VP, Sales Operations

With more than three decades of experience, Marco has a proven track record of building effective plans, deepening partner relationships and delivering solid results. While managing our national team, Marco spends countless hours fostering a trusting and open environment that enables every staff member and partner to thrive. In fact, he does more than just build successful relationships – he creates lasting partnerships.

Sara Mazhar

VP, Solutions

Few are more future forward than Sara. A proactive leader, Sara is focused on innovating the organization’s delivery solutions through in-house development and industry partnerships. She is adept at converting strategy into operational plans to drive consistent results in an agile environment. And she has played a pivotal role in helping Valeyo evolve to provide high-impact customized financial and technological products to our partners. Sara continues to shape our culture by enabling and empowering teams to deliver on our vision.

Karen Wells

Controller – Distribution

Over the course of her 36-year career, spanning numerous roles and varied responsibilities, Karen has learned quite a lot – and influenced even more. As Controller of Distribution, Karen is accountable for the financial reporting of the distribution division, including all legal and insurance licensing filings. But it’s her willingness to create an inclusive, team-based atmosphere that really sets her apart.

Valeyo’s integrated business and working relationship with affiliate Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company means all our partners benefit from a Canadian-based team of senior leaders who work seamlessly together to help our partners and their customers thrive.

Dave Seidel


​Dave is an experienced business leader with a proven track record of successful business growth and relationship management. As a member of the Securian family for 29 years, Dave brings broad expertise in strategic planning, product development, financial management, sales, and marketing. Known as a conscientious and proactive professional, Dave leads the insurance manufacturing and operations of the business. Dave is focused on helping our partners thrive through integrated insurance products and services.

Anne Bjornson

VP, Insurance Operations

Anne has been instrumental in setting up Canadian Premier Life’s insurance operations function as well as establishing the practices, procedures and policies needed to deliver service excellence. A strong supporter of professional and personal development, she encourages lifelong learning for herself and her team as a powerful tool to navigate and excel in an increasingly complex environment. With over 30 years’ experience, Anne applies integrity and compassion as well as a solid service delivery as keys to strengthening partnerships and building trusted relationships.

Brian M. Clark

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Investment Officer

Brian brings extensive experience in financial, compliance, risk and information technology both at a national and international level. He has a proven ability to build strong, strategically focused, forward-thinking teams and plays a critical role by bringing his knowledge of management information to the organization’s decision-making function. Brian maintains active involvement in professional leadership of the insurance industry, helping advance the fields of financial management and insurance accounting.

Dana Easthope

Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary

With almost 10 years of experience in the financial services industry, Dana brings broad expertise in corporate law, regulatory matters, contracts, corporate governance and policy development. A proactive and solutions-oriented business partner, Dana is focused on providing effective legal advice to support the organization’s business objectives. His always steady counsel to management and the Board of Directors is critical to ensuring the Canadian operations’ compliance with legal requirements and risk appetite.

Graham Kent

Chief Actuary & Chief Risk Officer

A recognized leader of change, Graham is a champion of using education, technology and communication to advance management understanding of industry challenges and to advance how actuarial assumptions are set. Renowned for his ability to quickly sort through complex issues, see relevant patterns and come to accurate conclusions, he is a strong believer that in knowledge there is power, and that understanding the risk decisions we make is key to helping our partners thrive.

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