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hold the key to our

Valeyo holds the key to yours.

As one of Canada’s leading business solutions providers, we are every bit as committed to the success of our clients and partners as we are to our own.

This commitment is at the core of how we conduct business – from the way we interact with our clients to the products we develop, the industry providers we work with, and beyond. That’s what sets us apart.

With more than 40 years of insurance and technology experience and a financially stable parent company that’s been at the forefront of this business for 135 years, clients trust Valeyo to deliver future-proof solutions that meet their long-term needs for growth, revenue, and customer experience.

About Valeyo

What we do.

Given the ever-evolving financial services industry, we’re constantly exploring new ways to deliver innovative products and solutions to help our partners keep up with the needs and expectations of their businesses and customers.

As well as being a leader in loan origination technology, we are a trusted distributor for industry-leading carriers and providers across Canada, whose products strengthen our proprietary technologies and expand our suite of lending and insurance solutions.

Leadership Team

Get to know the professionals who are committed to making a positive impact on your business.
Nicole Benson

Nicole Benson



Recognized as a strategic visionary and champion of innovation, Nicole plays an instrumental role in Valeyo’s continued growth and development. She drives every facet of Valeyo’s business forward, propelling the team’s progress through motivational leadership and collaboration. Her focus on growth through partnerships is fundamental to our success and the success of our clients.

Craig Curley X1

Craig Curley

VP, Sales


Craig is a passionate software and technology expert whose professional experience spans business intelligence, data integration, digital banking, and lending. He is responsible for expanding the organization’s reach through new and emerging markets. In alignment with Valeyo’s core principles, Craig believes that success is built on relationships, trust, and execution.


Marco DeiCont

VP, Client Office


Marco is an accomplished leader with more than 30 years’ experience in insurance, banking and financial planning. He excels at creating strong teams and building mutually beneficial partnerships through trust and integrity. Marco leads a diverse team of professionals who support our client’s goals and outcomes through account management, servicing, training, and new product development.

Sara Mazhar

Sara Mazhar

Senior VP, Chief Strategy & Technology Officer


Few are more forward-thinking than Sara. A proactive leader and innovator, she shapes our culture by enabling and empowering our teams to deliver on Valeyo’s vision, keeping our business solutions one step ahead of the curve through in-house development and industry partnerships. Sara has played a pivotal role in helping Valeyo evolve to provide high-impact customized financial and technology products to our partners.


Nikki Buchannon

Director, Client Office


Nikki is valued across the organization for her integrity, passion and ability to affect positive change through teamwork and collaboration. Recognized for her deep insurance and lending experience, Nikki oversees the continued growth of Valeyo’s Center of Excellence and enterprise delivery framework, bringing rigour and expertise to successfully support and evolve our insurance programs across program management, reporting, data analytics, compliance and supervision.


Wilhelm Lee



Wil’s wealth of experience combined with his unwavering commitment to Valeyo’s success, makes him a valued member of our leadership team. Leading by example, Wil is focused on ensuring clarity, data and knowledge across all stakeholder groups. His meticulous approach to business strategy is a testament to his core principles, of always being prepared and protected for the future.


Lindsey LeClair

Chief Legal, Compliance and Risk Officer


Lindsey brings more than a decade of professional experience to her role as well as a lifetime of passion for law. She first dreamed of becoming a lawyer when she was a young girl and her enthusiasm hasn’t waned since then. A generalist in the best sense of the word, Lindsey has been and continues to be counted on to provide risk, compliance, and legal advice around regulatory considerations, litigation, employment, contracts, governance, and commercial transactions.

With Valeyo, you’ll be in great company.

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