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As traditional bank lenders reduce risk, up to 8.8 million Canadian consumers* are underserved or unable to secure credit. Alternative lenders can fill that market gap with fintech solutions and nimble customer service which appears to be the real option that consumers are seeking. Question is, how do non-bank lenders enable their digital channels in a credible and reliable way?

Valeyo’s blend of integrated solutions and deep segment experience is the answer.

OpportunitiesValeyo Solution
75% of alt-credit consumers* will look to you first for new ideas. Add integrated digital lending capabilities to existing systems and make new offers to existing customers to expand wallet share.Valeyo digital-first lending and protection solutions give alternative lenders the appeal of one-stop-shopping and seamless customer experiences.Learn More
Canadian consumers are growing increasingly comfortable looking beyond traditional banks for financial products, flexible digital services and deeper relationships.Valeyo’s experience with Canada’s largest network of non-bank lenders (credit unions) provides our team with a deep understanding of how to deliver an improved and seamless customer experience.Learn More
Alternative lenders can ramp up new revenue streams with new product value-adds and compliance frameworks.In addition to new product ideas that compliment your product suite and diversify revenue, Valeyo offers turnkey creditor insurance for many loan types. Solutions include proven compliance frameworks.Learn More
Source: State of Fintech Lending Study

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