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As the financial landscape evolves, credit unions are being presented with new opportunities to drive transformation in products, services, and technology on a national scale.

Committed to supporting you through these changes, Valeyo provides relevant, compliant business solutions that meet your business’s needs for revenue growth, member acquisition, and customer experience.

As a leading business solutions providers, we have a wealth of experience in the credit union industry and extensive expertise in lending technology and insurance. A trusted partner for many of Canada’s top credit unions, we believe in the power of relationships and have built our business on a cooperative model designed to support our clients while helping them better serve their members and communities

Solutions for your institution.

Loan Origination Platform

Our new loan origination platform delivers an integrated, seamless and connected experience, across traditional and digital channels for all your institution’s lending needs.

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Commercial Loan Origination

This complete commercial and agricultural credit origination, risk, and portfolio management platform delivers an end-to-end experience for in-branch lending.

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Credit Insurance Solutions

Protect your institution and members against lending risk and drive business revenue with customized, scalable, and compliant insurance programs that deliver an integrated loan and protection experience through omni-channel sales engagement.

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Distributed Products

Explore a suite of turnkey solutions such as Travel Insurance, Pet Insurance, and Extended Auto Warranty, designed to deepen customer relationships and increase incremental revenue.

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