Employee spotlight: Lilia Lokshin


About Lilia Lokshin

Lilia is a Senior QA Analyst at Valeyo.

What do you think makes Valeyo different?

Everyone here plays an essential role in the building of the technology and the processes. We are all excited to be here, motivated by what we are a part of and interested in fostering a great workplace overall. The collective mood here is energizing and challenging. I’ve worked at enterprise organizations where the attitude and approach to work is very siloed. At Valeyo, things move quickly, and collaboration is more than a word; there’s a sense of openness to ideas and feedback. As a result of our size, you can work independently and see your impact while still having access to the tools and support you need to be successful.

What can a new hire expect to work on when they join your team, and how will they be supported?

To be successful at Valeyo on the technology side, you need to understand the full software lifecycle and know how your role fits into an agile environment. We work in a tight-knit team, where communication and collaboration is the key to our success. Most importantly, you need to be curious, have the drive to learn, and want to get to the root of every problem you’re trying to solve. It’s very exciting here right now. We are working on a new solution using the latest in API, web, and mobile development. Valeyo encourages personal growth and movement within the company with ongoing feedback on your work and skills. In addition, we have career path conversations with our managers where we share the areas we’re interested in exploring and receive a budget to pursue professional development courses.

Why should someone choose to work at Valeyo?

As we build out our software, there are many ways to apply your skills directly towards the latest feature development or to create and use tools that fill a gap. In addition, we partner with leading technology and financial services companies to strengthen our product and delivery. It’s a rare opportunity to draw on the insights of these organizations and apply that knowledge right away by building something that will serve a vast client and end-user base. If you want to work in a diverse and inclusive environment and you are ready to step up to the challenge and reward of a significant learning curve, Valeyo is the place for you.

What’s something else you enjoy about working at Valeyo?

Even though we have all been working from home for over a year, I feel close to my co-workers. We can share some laughs as friends, checking in on each other. Every two weeks we have a town hall where we share our wins, come together as a company to solve problems, and create an environment that benefits everyone. There’s a true sense of belonging, and I love being part of that.


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