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May 7, 2018

Commercial & Agricultural Loan Origination

Make the complex simpler. Simplify portfolio management.


Commercial lending is complex, and managing your institution's diverse borrower portfolios is no small task. Built with insights from top lenders across Canada, our solution for commercial and agricultural loan origination, ProBe, provides an end-to-end lending experience, to automate, standardize and enforce yours institution's credit processes and policies so you can make better lending decisions for your institution and customers.

Simplified Processing

Single point-of-sale data entry simplifies application processing and reporting.

Verified Integrations

Integrates to third-party systems and service providers to strengthen and streamline the loan origination and adjudication process.

Remote Application

System can be run offline, increasing customer convenience by supporting remote visits.

Manage your risk and regulatory requirements

Many lenders manage their commercial and agricultural portfolios using spreadsheets and other manual processes. With an increasing focus on regulatory reporting, manual processes expose institutions to risk and make responding to audit requirements quickly and accurately a difficult task. Centralized access to information permits your institution to drive efficiencies and create clean, digital audit trails that facilitate reporting complexities.

Commercial and Agricultural Lender with customer

Key Benefits

Compliance, Audit and Tracking

Automate manual processes and support digital audit trails, provide full visibility of application history, allow users to monitor status of entire loan portfolios and quickly create financial spreads for accurate reporting. Meets CUDG reporting requirements.

Standardize Processes

Customize and configure workflows based on your institution’s credit policy and centralize checklists to create standardized processes and procedures for all lenders across in-branch and remote environments.

Portfolio Management

Achieve a 360 degree view of single and multiple borrower information to accurately manage and evaluate credit decisions, including centralized access of loan histories and transparency of annual reviews in a syndicated lending model.

Prior to Probe, we utilized a Word based credit application. There was initial apprehension with using a new system, but it allows for quick turnaround on applications due to the stored data it carries over from past applications. I have no interest in using another program.

- Commercial and Agricultural Lender, Sunova Credit Union

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