Evolving the business engagement model in a virtual environment

2021-05-17  |  Marco DeiCont, VP Sales Operations

The business environment has changed over the past year, no more so than for client facing teams, many of whose day-to-day activities have shifted from in-person visits to virtual interactions. As we prepare for another period of travel restrictions and stay at home measures, we asked Marco DeiCont, VP Sales Operations for Valeyo how to approach the business engagement model in a virtual environment.

What has been the greatest impact on client-facing teams?  

Sales is built on strong relationships and those relationships take personal interactions to grow and succeed. Our financial institution partners – Valeyo included – have had to quickly shift gears to adapt to find new ways to deliver and enhance services to clients and customers. We’ve seen a real growth in the use of virtual meeting platforms across all client meeting types, to the use of web-based systems for staff training and onboarding.

What changes can organizations make to pivot how they do business and support clients?

It’s really about understanding your customer needs and working to deepen those relationships outside brick and mortar branches. One of the key changes we were in the process of making was in shifting product training from in person to online, so we were able to quickly accelerate delivery our web-based learning management system and continue to support staff training and onboarding. The level of training that can be delivered through online platforms is amazing. It puts clients more in control of their experience and ensures they can continue to meet their regulatory and compliance obligations.

What strategies are needed to continue to adapt for the future?

I think it’s important to realize the way we do business can change for the better and that with change comes new opportunity. Pairing your organizations core business solutions with timely value-add offerings can create stronger relationships and demonstrates your ability to adapt with agility. We’ve also see that financial institutions need to accelerate their digital strategy for growth whether by expanding their own capabilities or by working with technology-focused organizations like Valeyo who are committed to delivering future-forward solutions through digital platforms.

The last year has proven that business engagement in a virtual environment can work, and working towards a balance that supports strong relationships and contributes to long-term growth is what’s needed to succeed.

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Marco is VP Sales Operations at Valeyo.
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