Message from Valeyo CEO: COVID-19 Response

2020-03-13  |  Toronto, Ontario

Dear Partners,

I understand that the development of COVID-19 is worrying for everyone from a personal and professional perspective. To allay any potential concerns you may have regarding Valeyo and its business continuity efforts and plans relating to COVID-19, I’d like to provide you with an update.

Valeyo is actively reviewing its business continuity plan with respect to COVID-19 and preparing should it be necessary to activate the plan.Valeyo is well positioned to address any potential business continuity risks as its workforce is able to work remotely in a secure manner.

An Infectious Disease Taskforce has been created by Valeyo and its affiliates across North America and the Taskforce is meeting twice weekly to discuss the current situation and to take appropriate measures. The Taskforce is also following the World Health Organization, Health Canada and the CDC to keep abreast of the latest COVID-19 news.

Valeyo is working with its carrier partners and service providers to ensure both Valeyo and its third parties are prepared to address any service disruptions.

The health and safety of our employees remains our top priority. We are accordingly taking extra precautionary measures. We discussed COVID-19 and Valeyo’s continuity efforts with our employees at an all hands meeting this week. Internal communications have also been sent to Valeyo employees, advising staff of precautionary measures to take to protect their health.

If you have any questions regarding Valeyo’s BCP efforts relating to COVID-19, please do not hesitate to contact me at:


Nicole Benson

President & CEO Valeyo