Meet customers where they are.
And on the channels they prefer.

Connect your front-end digital application to your back-end system for a faster, more integrated experience.

Define your digital lending experience.

Digital lending offers more than just a paperless process. It opens new opportunities for customer acquisition and growth outside brick-and-mortar branches. It also strengthens brand loyalty by delivering the same seamless experiences customers already have in all other areas of their lives and now expect. With a customizable digital application, comprehensive workflows and a trusted network of back-end integrations, your institution can define and deliver an exceptional lending experience perfectly aligned to your brand and risk appetite.

Build your digital presence.

Our white labelled digital lending application allows you to configure the interface to your institution's branding.

  • Establish consistency across your website and digital lending platform for a unified brand experience

  • Enrich borrower experiences by providing the same interactions and usability they appreciate on their other consumer applications

  • Improve lending efficiency, convenience, and speed by reducing paper submissions.

    Loan approval can be partially or fully automated based on your risk appetite

Unlock the power of personalization.

Tailor your product offerings for each customer via auto eligibility check and risk-based loan pricing.

  • Increase engagement and conversion rates

  • Improve customer loyalty and retention

  • Configure customized offers based on your risk appetite with a built-in auto decisioning tool

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