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In addition to credit protection and loan origination, we offer the following products and services to support your growth and help you deliver a greater experience to your customers.

Pets are family too! Make sure to take care of their health needs.

For a pet owner, the annual cost of pet care increases as a pet continues to grow. Help your customers plan for the unexpected by offering pet insurance for their important family members. Pet Insurance offers comprehensive benefits towards veterinary care, whether required due to accident, illness, or both.

Drive new business with safe, competitive automotive leasing.

Vehicle leasing is proven to increase membership and consumer loans. Take advantage of a growing auto finance market by employing a validated vehicle leasing solution. By outsourcing vehicle leasing operations to a network of high-performing auto dealers with extensive industry experience, you can quickly provide a new line of business that will increase your revenue without the risk.

Navigate uncertainty with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP).

With the term of Canadian auto loans increasing to record levels, more and more Canadians run the risk of not having enough insurance coverage in the event their vehicle is stolen or becomes a total write-off. GAP helps protect the borrower from financial loss by waiving the difference between what their vehicle is worth and how much they owe. This product gives your institution and your customers the ultimate protection against loss.

Rev up your loan performance with automotive lending.

Serve more customers and increase vehicle lending volumes by expanding your risk-based guidelines to fund loans that fall outside normal lending guidelines. With this “second look” solution, lenders can approve loan applications that they may have previously declined or conditioned, helping improve efficiency, operations, and overall portfolio return on assets.

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