The digital lending journey includes many integration points between a customer and your institution. See where Valeyo Ori interacts with third-party systems and services to support a seamless end-to-end experience.

Integrations, available now.

With Valeyo Ori, your institution can choose which providers you want to work with for specific integrations. This gives you flexibility and choice to define your unique lending experience and to adopt new products or services as they become available in a plug and play model. All integrations are trusted, secured and easily implemented. View below the phases of the digital lending journey and the integrations available today. Don't see your preferred provider? Contact us below to discuss your needs.

Digital lending journey phases and integrations:

___noise___ 1000 Digitalacquisition Authentication and financial profileIncome verification Product eligibility checkRisk-based pricing engineCredit bureau soft inquiry Fraud check AML checkID verification Product selection and application submissionCredit bureau hard inquiryAuto decision Acceptance and commitmentNew member onboardingElectronic signatureBanking system Membership fundingBanking system 1 2 3 4 5 OriginationAddress verification Digitalservicing

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