Valeyo trust centre.

Valeyo is committed to protecting the data and
privacy of our clients and their customers.

Your data, privacy and security
are a top concern for us.

At Valeyo, we are committed to helping our partners thrive and build better businesses. A key component of that commitment is trust.

The Valeyo Trust Centre connects you to the latest information on security, compliance, privacy and the reliability of our products and services. It is our objective to provide transparency, so our clients can understand how we build our business and develop technology to best manage the security of data.

What we measure.


Security is at the heart of our products and services. We understand that customers have high expectations and Valeyo is committed to protecting your data.


Valeyo’s security and compliance program (which maps to leading industry frameworks) is independently verified through regular technical and business assurance activities.


Valeyo works to build privacy into every aspect of our services, ensuring that the data in our custody is treated with the care your consumers expect.


Valeyo’s services are delivered with technology built for high performance and availability. We partner with best-of-breed technology partners to ensure our business can securely and reliably scale with yours.

For more information.

Valeyo’s General Counsel is also its privacy officer and is accountable for Valeyo’s compliance with its Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about the privacy practices of our organization or would like to review the information in your file to ensure accuracy and to request corrections as needed, please contact

For a copy of Valeyo audits and reports, please contact