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Customers choose your organization over other financial institutions because of the relationships you build.

That’s why it’s important for you to focus your time and energy on strengthening customer affinity at every touchpoint. Valeyo’s suite of proprietary technology for retail, small business, and commercial loan origination enables you to deliver a better customer experience by simplifying the lending and approvals process.

Make faster, more accurate lending decisions.

Valeyo’s lending technology product suite goes beyond the simple transactional activities to cover the full scope of lending activities, including digital lending, portfolio management, collateral management, automated adjudication, refinancing, renewals, and more.

Our technology enables you to boost the operational efficiencies of your business, reduce manual processes, and automate loan adjudication and approvals – all in the interest of excellent customer service.

Explore Valeyo’s lending technology solutions.

Loan Origination Platform

Valeyo’s new loan origination platform delivers an integrated, seamless and connected experience, across traditional and digital channels, for all your institutions’ retail, small business and commercial lending needs. Grow your business and acquire new customers – anytime, from anywhere.

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Retail & Small Business Loan Origination

Leveraging 20 years of lending experience, Valeyo’s SaaS web-based solution boasts extensive features and functionalities that improve operational efficiency, increase automation, and enforce credit policy and compliance.

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Commercial Loan Origination

Built by commercial lenders across Canada, our proprietary commercial and agricultural credit origination, risk and portfolio management system, is an end-to-end solution that promises an intuitive user experience for your lenders and customers.

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