Retail & Small Business
loan origination.

Our market-leading system simplifies and streamlines
the borrowing process to support more efficient
lending decisions.

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Slow loan approvals do more than frustrate customers; they result in higher overheads and lower productivity.

To improve efficiencies, look to our retail and small business loan origination system, because if anyone understands lending it’s Valeyo – and it shows.

Built on more than 20 years of Canadian lending experience, our product comprises extensive features and functionalities that enhance automation and scalability, enforce credit policy and compliance, and deliver a fast and seamless lending experience that benefits your customers as well as your organization.

Integration makes loan completion and approval seamless.

Boost operational efficiency, improve automation, and enforce credit policy and compliance with ease. Recognized as one of Canada’s leading lending systems, Valeyo’s proprietary SaaS web-based system for retail and small business loan origination provides financial institutions with industry-leading credit processing and customer management support via configurable workflows, auto-adjudication, form automation, data integration, and reporting capabilities.

Features & integrations.

Risk Mitigation

Define practices and procedures, user-based access, and approval limits.

Auto Decision Engine

Configure our data-driven decision engine with rules based on your institution’s credit policy.

Digital Application

Reach existing members online with digital applications submission and approvals.

Forms Automation & Management

Access a full library of standard provincial forms that are regularly updated and maintained.

Indirect lending

Build new revenue streams through integration to indirect lending channels like auto-dealers and mortgage broker networks

Creditor Insurance Integration

Grow non-interest revenue through integration of credit insurance point-of-sale directly within the lending workflow

Key Benefits


Increase operational efficiencies, improve application approval times and reduce human error by automating manual processes from data entry to transactional and administrative-based tasks.


Create and outline customizable work flows that accurately track and enforce your institutions credit policy, processes and procedures, including the ability to configure and set individual lender limits.


Scale lending operations quickly and affordably by creating streamlined, repeatable and traceable processes that can be assigned or routed to staff working in branch or remotely.


Frequently asked questions.

A loan origination system manages and automates the end-to-end steps in the loan process, from loan application submission through disbursement of funds. It creates repeatable, consistent and standardized processes for your financial institution.

Criterion, our flagship loan origination system is robust and feature rich, with extensive integrations to leading banking systems, credit bureau, and credit insurance providers as well as indirect lending channels.

Yes, Criterion is a web-based system that supports end-to-end application processing via mobile phones and tablets.

Valeyo is committed to protecting the data and privacy of our clients and their customers.  Visit the Valeyo Trust Centre for the latest information on security, compliance, privacy and the reliability of our products and services.

Yes. Valeyo provides complete project management support from pre-planning through implementation, product training & onboarding and client success.

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Our Retail & Small Business loan origination system creates a stronger, more integrated lending experience for your institution and customers.

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