4 ways to drive your growth strategy & customer acquisition.


Now, more than ever, technology is the engine driving loan origination. With seamless connections, trusted integrations and custom digital experiences, Valeyo Ori, can help drive your growth strategy and acquisition in these key ways, so you that your organization is always ready for the future.

1. Digital engagement

With the speed, convenience, and seamless connection of APIs, Valeyo Ori gives institutions never-before-seen freedom to create personalized digital experiences for all users. This way, it’s easy to grow and acquire new customers through online channels and outside brick and mortar branches, while still ensuring connectivity to a trusted and robust institution side.

2. Integrations

As the only vendor-agnostic API-based loan origination platform, in Canada, Valeyo Ori has extensive integrations with leading financial technology and service providers that financial institutions already work with or want to work with.

This unique approach is a game changer and permits financial institutions to choose their own integration partners so they can define their experiences and journeys, and scale without incurring more technical debt.

3. Automation

Valeyo Ori standardizes processes and automates decisions through intuitive built-in workflows, which cuts down on manual input, increases operational efficiencies and leads to faster, better lending decisions. Keep your staff focused on getting customers their money faster and growing advisory relationships.

4. Risk management

Finance is among the most closely regulated industries in Canada, and Valeyo Ori helps you navigate the complex regulatory framework with minimal risk by centralizing and standardizing the processes you need to create consistency in operations, scale business and grow across branches and lenders.

Having a built in audit trail ensures that any decision, interaction, process, or data point throughout the loan origination process builds trust with every stakeholder, and exportable data via the API makes business analysis easy for everyone, including regulators.

Look to Valeyo.

A leading provider in the Canadian lending technology market, Valeyo knows how you work and what you need to succeed, so every experience delivered through Valeyo Ori is purpose-built for Canadian financial institutions.

Always looking forward, Valeyo keeps our clients on the leading-edge of exceptional experiences, delivering the expertise, tools and trusted integrations you need to transform and grow your business, all in one platform.

Valeyo delivers purpose-built digital lending solutions that help financial institutions grow, innovate, and create stronger, more connected experiences. Our proprietary loan origination platform, Valeyo Ori, is changing how lending is delivered across traditional and digital channels.



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