Valeyo Ori loan origination platform.

Delivering a stronger, faster, and more connected experience for your financial institution and customers.

A modern loan origination experience.

Meet your customers where they are and on the channels they prefer with Valeyo Ori™, a digital-first loan origination platform.

Technology-forward and built for Canadian lenders, Valeyo Ori delivers unrivalled flexibility and choice over the borrower experience, and the ability to scale your lending operations with speed and efficiency.

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Stronger user experiences.

An intuitive, modern and configurable interface unifies brand consistency across all touchpoints, ensuring a holistic and ultimately better loan origination experience for your lenders and customers.

The depth of Valeyo Ori’s automations, workflows and integrations, frees your institution to deliver a fast, seamless and secure lending experience in-branch and online.

Faster lending decisions.

Valeyo Ori’s rich features and functionalities automate and optimize the lending journey. The built-in decision engine is fully customizable to your needs and risk appetite for faster, more consistent lending decisions.

With less time needed to manually approve loans, lenders can spend more time on advisory services, ultimately increasing your business capabilities and solidifying a healthy bottom line.

A greater focus on choice.

Digital lending offers more than just a paperless process. It opens new opportunities for customer acquisition and growth outside brick-and-mortar branches while strengthening overall brand loyalty.

Vendor agnostic and built on a secure API model, Valeyo Ori connects your institution to a trusted ecosystem of technology and service providers, bringing real value to your loan origination workflow.

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Integrated loan origination done seamlessly.​

With a customizable digital application, workflows and a trusted network of back-end integrations, your institution can define and deliver an exceptional lending experience perfectly aligned to your specific needs.

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Frequently asked questions.

Valeyo Ori is a digital-first loan origination platform for retail and commercial lending. The platform delivers a complete in-branch and digital loan origination experience for customers and lenders. Valeyo Ori makes the credit approval process faster and more seamless, by automating the end-to-end lending process from customer verification to application submission to membership creation and disbursement of funds.

Valeyo Ori is built on a secure API architecture giving institutions flexibility and choice to connect with providers they want to work with or already work with. Valeyo Ori comes enabled with core integrations to trusted third-party providers for banking systems, credit bureaus, ID verification, and more, which supports a best-in-class lending journey. A list of current integrations can be found here. To learn more about APIs, read this blog.

The platform has many configurable elements that will help you optimize the lending journey and create a branded customer experience.

Yes. Valeyo Ori is available today and is being used in the market. Contact us below to find out if Valeyo Ori is right for your institution.

Valeyo Ori is a SaaS-based platform that is native to the cloud. Its extensive list of features and functionalities delivers a frictionless lending experience on mobile, desktop, and in-branch. The platform is scalable, flexible, and configurable enabling your institution to reach new members in-branch or online, and customize the lending journey to meet your specific needs and risk appetite. Contact us below to find out if Valeyo Ori is right for your institution.

Yes. Valeyo provides complete project management support from pre-planning through implementation, product training & onboarding, and client success.

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