Why its time to move away from spreadsheets and toward a modernized commercial lending process.


In the last year, Blueshore Financial, Sunshine Coast Credit Union, and Weyburn Credit Union have each made the decision to evolve and modernize their commercial lending business by partnering with Valeyo for their commercial loan origination solution.

Proprietary to Valeyo, the commercial & agricultural loan origination system, Probe, automates the end-to-end lending experience, supporting growth in the commercial lending business and helping credit unions meet regulatory and risk requirements.

“The way we processed commercial loans hadn’t changed much over the years and it was evident we needed to modernize our approach. We evaluated multiple systems and found Valeyo best met our need with a commercial LOS that could digitize our existing process while minimizing change management for lenders,” says Scott Allman, AVP, Business Group, Blueshore Financial

Ana Vu, Chief Operations Officer, Sunshine Coast Credit Union adds, “We needed to change our commercial lending process and Probe was the right system for us. We’re realizing a lot of improvement from process standardization and data collection for reporting which enable us to better meet the needs of auditors and regulators.”

Regulatory requirements are driving significant changes in financial institutions’ processes and policies – making it equally important to deliver lending decisions with speed and compliance. Whether your credit union has an established or growing portfolio, it’s become clear that having the right tools to automate and standardize operations not only helps drive more accurate and timely decisions but is proving necessary to meet and exceed auditor requirements.

“Probe has given us the opportunity to make big changes to different departments and processes,” says Marliss Meckling, Senior Manager of Member Experience Weyburn Credit Union. “It allows us to digitize, standardize and control the submission process, which is easier for training and for approvals – and has helped drive more efficient decision making overall.”

Valeyo’s flagship commercial loan origination product has been in market for more than 20 years and continues to be one of the most robust and comprehensive systems available for Canada’s credit unions.

“We are pleased that three of our long-term credit union partners have chosen to grow their relationship with us and to leverage our strength in innovation and technology to evolve their commercial lending operations.” concludes Sara Mazhar, SVP Chief Strategy & Technology Officer, Valeyo

For more information on Probe, visit Commercial Loan Origination – Valeyo.

Valeyo will be hosting a product webinar that will look at the system, benefits and features in more details. Watch for an upcoming invitation or email communications@valeyo.com to be added to the list.  

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