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Evolving the business engagement model in a virtual environment

2021-04-07  |  Marco DeiCont, VP Sales Operations

As we prepare for another period of travel restrictions and stay at home measures, we asked Marco DeiCont, VP Sales Operations for Valeyo how to approach the business engagement model in a virtual environment.

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Valeyo joins Celero Xchange™ to deliver digital lending solutions to Canadian financial service providers

2020-08-05  |  Toronto, Ontario

Celero is pleased to announce Valeyo, a leading provider of lending technology to the financial services industry, will connect its new digital lending platform to Celero’s growing digital ecosystem to offer its innovative solutions to credit union…

Valeyo and Filogix partner to drive lending efficiencies between mortgage professionals and credit union markets

2020-02-11  |  Toronto, Ontario

Valeyo, a leading solutions provider to the financial services industry, and Filogix, a leading solutions provider for Canadian mortgage origination, are pleased to announce they have formed a strategic partnership to provide an integrated mortgage…

Valeyo and Innovation announce strategic partnership to advance digital lending for financial services providers

2020-01-23  |  Toronto, Ontario

Valeyo, a leading solutions provider to the financial services industry, and Innovation Credit Union, headquartered in Saskatchewan providing a full range of financial services and intending to expand as a federal player across Canada, have announced…


To innovate at speed, Canadian financial institutions must think “we” not “me”

2021-01-11  |  Andrew Pastoric, Head of Strategy & Innovation

This past year was a testament to the fact that technology and business are forevermore joined at the hip: strategically, tactically, and operationally. Digital transformation, the buzzword of 2019, was clearly tested in 2020…

Innovation in insurance: How COVID is influencing change

2020-05-12  |  Nicole Benson, CEO

We are now living in a new reality brought on by COVID-19. It’s amazing how quickly industries, for whom change is traditionally a slow process, have been able to quickly shift their focus and innovate to response to business and consumer need…

Why strong partnerships are critical for success

2020-05-05  |  Nicole Benson, CEO

In a matter of weeks, the industry was disrupted beyond anything imaginable and organizations have had to double down on their approach to finding ways to operate in a new business environment…