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Uncover Insurance Series: Part 5 with Nikki Buchannon


In this series, Nikki speaks about the insurance industry regulations and explores the role Valeyo plays in supporting transparency and ethics in insurance sales and practices for its clients.


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Distributed Product Strategy: Helping Clients Improve their Customer Advantage and Engagement


Consumers across Canada are dealing with increasing pressure from rising interest rates and financial institutions are facing stiff competition for engagement and loyalty.

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Why its time to move away from spreadsheets and toward a modernized commercial lending process


Financial, Sunshine Coast Credit Union, and Weyburn Credit Union have all recently chosen Valeyo as their provider. 

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Building your Strategic Execution Muscle


Businesses are transforming at speed and continue to exemplify the true meaning of continuous learning, as well as agility to survive. To be viable, organizations are aggressively reimaging their business models and building solid strategic plans.

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Valeyo amalgamates its business under one corporation

2022-02-03  |  Toronto, ON

Effective January 1, 2022, Valeyo has amalgamated its businesses into one corporation called Valeyo Inc. The operating name for the corporation, Valeyo, and brand remain unchanged.

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Valeyo joins Open Banking Initiative Canada (OBIC)

2021-11-09  |  Toronto, ON

Valeyo is excited to announce its membership to the Open Banking Initiative Canada (OBIC). Sara Mazhar, SVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Valeyo, will lead the organization’s engagement, working alongside other industry leaders to help shape open banking in Canada.

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Northern Savings Credit Union picks Valeyo as its solutions provider of choice

2021-09-16  |  Toronto, ON and Prince Rupert, BC

Northern Savings will benefit from a fully integrated solution for retail lending and member protection, enabling seamless user experiences during the loan origination process.

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Uncover Insurance Series: Part 4 with Anne Chang


Anne Chang speaks about the depth of Valeyo’s insurance program data and analytics, and she discusses how good data helps drive meaningful conversations and insights on program performance and opportunity.

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Uncover Insurance Series: Part 3 with Maria Farias


Maria Farias speaks about Valeyo’s approach to insurance program management and how we’re responding to an increasing focus on strategic guidance and consultation as part of program delivery.

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Uncover Insurance Series: Part 2 with Nikki Buchannon


Nikki Buchannon speaks about the intersection of creditor insurance within the lending workflow, and how Valeyo is developing new technologies to help #creditunion clients #digitize the insurance experience with flexibility and speed.

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